Friday, April 15, 2011

My paintings

Water on handmade

Oil on Canvas


  1. The Boy has a beautiful expression....

  2. Great painting, The flower and the leaves you have painted are fine. This should be Plumira flowers which come in white, yellow and pink. But I would point out that the veins in the leaves are not proper. If you observe the leaf in detail, the veins from the left side and right side of the midrib (central thick vein) will not join at the same place. I hope I make myself clear, the veins will not be on a straight line at the joining place at the midrib. It may be on straight lines in a Banana Leaf but not on other (dicot plants) Since I like your paintings I thought that I should point this to you.
    R.Sampath .

  3. Thanks for your feedback sampath.

  4. bay has a beautiful expression......anna

  5. Really nice to see this blog..........
    All are amazing... Thanks for your greatest contribution to the world of art...!! Please continue this service for ever.

  6. Do you have a website where you sell your paintings? All the paintings are awesome!

  7. 25 Beautiful Rural Indian Women Paintings by Tamilnadu artist ilayaraja - 17
    i am madiha from Karachi, Pakistan i like ur paintings could u please tell me da paintings which u have painted from the above mention title are the original ladies? because one of ur paintings resembles alot with me or u can say 99% its like what im . i saw it on face book and was astonshed alot by ur painting
    do reply and contact me at my email id
    by MADIHA karachi Pakistan

  8. Hi, my husband and I just bought a flat in Singapore. I need some indian paintings to be displayed on my walls. Can u let me know how to buy some of your paintings? Contact Bala at

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